We are very happy to welcome two new members to the Obenauf lab.

Milica joins us from Basel, Switzerland, where she has completed a successful PhD in the lab of Mohamed Bentires-Alj. During her PhD studies she worked on phenotypic plasticity in breast cancer. For her postdoc, Milica wants to investigate how metastatic cells escape immune surveillance.

Silvia studied Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna. During her PhD and her postdoc she used yeast models to study Spo11, a protein that participates in the meiotic process creating double strand DNA breaks to initiate recombination. Interestingly, in the middle of all of this Silvia has been running a very successful winery in the hills of Burgenland, here in Austria. Now she shifts her research focus toward cancer and joins the lab as a Senior Research Assistant.

Welcome both!