We are a multidisciplinary lab interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying tumor progression and immune evasion. Our work is inspired by clinical puzzles and we develop and employ a wide array of molecular biology, biochemistry, and in vivo approaches with the vision and mission of guiding rational combination therapies.

The research topics can be summarized in the following topics:

CaTCH: A novel functional lineage tracing approach using CRISPRa based reporters.

Large-scale functional genetic screens using CRISPR/Cas9 with innovative readouts.

Understanding the contribution of oncogenic pathways that drive tumor initiation, in evading the immune system during metastasis or therapy resistance.

Elucidating the resistance mechanisms to targeted MAPK pathway inhibitors and therapies that stimulate an adaptive immune response.

Deciphering (epi)genetic aberrations driving rare skin cancers to identify new treatment options.

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