Guillem Estivill and Jingyi Shen join the Obenauf lab as part of the EVOMET network. The aim of this EU-funded Marie Sklodowska Curie International Training Network is to train 15 PhD students across Europe toward the advancement of the understanding of metastasis. 

Jingyi is from Beijing, China, and obtained her Bachelor degree from Pitzer College in Southern California, followed by an Erasmus International Master in Innovative Medicine. Now, for her PhD, she joins the lab in a collaboration with the group of Sebastian Carotta in Boheringer Ingelheim. She will work toward understanding how the induction of immunogenic cell death in cancer cells can lead to efficient tumor clearance. 

Guillem was born and raised in Barcelona, where he obtained his Bachelor degree in Biomedicine. He then did an Erasmus International Master in Immunology and Vaccinology and moved to Boston to work on immune evasion of cancer stem cells in the lab of Dr. Judith Agudo. He now joins the Obenauf lab for his PhD, where he will use CaTCH to decipher new mechanisms of immune evasion in metastatic cancer.