We welcome the new members of the Obenauf lab who are starting this September!

(from left to right in the picture)

  • Andri joins as a new PhD student from the VBC PhD program winter call 2022. She will be working on deciphering mechanisms of metastasis in osteosarcoma under a grant by “Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation”, which comprises a team of international scientists from the United States and Canada.
  • Julianne joins us as a visiting PhD student from the lab of Mohammed Bentires-Alj in University of Basel. She will stay with us for two months to work on the application of CaTCH in metastatic breast cancer models. Julianne is part of the EU-funded EVOMET Network, with the ultimate aim to advance the research field in metastasis.
  • Laura joins us as postdoc to work on mechanisms of targeted therapy resistance using CaTCH. She obtained her PhD in the CNIO, in Madrid, where she also worked on mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer.
  • Finally, Neelima joins us as an internship student to work on mechanisms of immune evasion in metastatic cancer.


Welcome all!