The Vienna Biocenter (VBC) at Neu Marx, located in the third district of Vienna, is today one of the leading international biomedical research centres worldwide and has established itself as the premier location for life sciences in the Central European Region. With a broad spectrum of research institutions it hosts a variety of publicly and privately sponsored basic research institutions, several internationally successful biotech companies, recent start ups as well as private and publicly funded services. Scientists from 69 nations help to create a highly dynamic research environment of international standard which is constantly changing, expanding and improving. Crucial to its success, the VBC’s superior research infrastructure allows it to compete with Europe’s leading researchers in the life sciences at all stages of their career.
Several VBC institutions and companies are among Europe’s leaders in their field with outstanding publication records. The international status of the VBC is continuously confirmed by the review of its research programmes by internationally renowned experts, including several Nobel laureates, and the continuously successful competition for public funding from the most prestigious international and national sources.
While the companies and research institutions pursue their own basic or applied research agendas, the VBC distinguishes itself with a number of joint activities between individual members on different organisational levels, including the VBC International PhD Programme and the Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (VBCF).
It is the shared vision of all VBC members to maintain its international renown by continuously strengthening the VBC with sustainable infrastructure development, state of the art training opportunities and continuous flux of new researchers of high calibre, which support the research programme with new ideas and developments.

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